Sunday, December 12, 2010

Custom Wedding Photobook

Your wedding is captured in a single day, but your photographs need to last a lifetime. Professionally-crafted custom photobooks showcase and preserve your memories.

If you own the rights to your photos ... Couture Invitations can create a custom photobook for you! Let Couture take it from here and create a lasting memory that can forever sit on your coffee table in style!

I offer customized wraparound photo covers or a completely leather bound book. Photos are printed on an thick archival paper and features lay flat binding.

As mentioned in the previous post, the photobook makes for an ideal parent book, engagement book, honeymoon book, or a complete memory book of your wedding day to be left out on a table for friends and family to view.

Order 2 extra copies as a great gift for your parents to tell them thank you and let them know how much you appreciate their support through it all!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Beynon - Custom Wedding Photobook

The Beynon photobook is complete! I have attached all the spreads below. The book turned out gorgeous and can't wait to take photographs of the actual piece and post those. Some of the photos look misplaced because of the space ... and white background on the blog. Rest assured ... it looks fabulous printed. :)

Own the rights to your wedding photos? Couture Invitations offers custom coffee table books!! The new photobooks that are available are completely customizable and tailored to you. Let Couture take it from here and create a lasting memory that can forever sit on your coffee table in style!

The PhotoBook makes an ideal parent book, engagement book, honeymoon book, or a complete memory book of your wedding day to be left out on a table for friends and family to view.

Send an email to for more information!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Reasons to Hire a Stationer

More and more brides are becoming DIY-ers to save money and stay on budget for their wedding. Brides feel that they can format an invite on their own (which many can in Microsoft Word) however ... professional custom stationers have oh so many more resources at their fingertips and cringe when we hear of brides-to-be using this as their platform to design. Personally, I work in Adobe In Design, Illustrator and Photoshop and have endless paper resources and print shops that I work with on a daily basis. So why hire a designer to create your custom wedding invitations? Let me share a few thoughts with you ...

First Impression ... Makes a lasting impression. We have all heard of the old saying ... “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Let’s be honest, we all do whether you are drawn to a bottle of wine because of the label, the look of a perfume bottle, or even because of the way it is marketed. The first impression is the most important and sets the tone for the entire event!

Your custom invitation suite gives your guests the FIRST glimpse into your wedding day. It sets the tone for the special event and will allow you to show off your personal style. The designer you are working with will be able to pull in all those special elements whether it is a monogram or a specific color and pattern you have always dreamed of.

Not only will the invitations set the tone for your entire event, it will serve as a keepsake and memory for those who attended. I have a binder overflowing with invites I have received over the years ... and I am sure many of your guests do the same with theirs and yours.

Etiquette. When you hire a custom stationer ... they will be able to aid you in determining the proper use of verbage to be used on your invitations. Many are unsure of how to work the wording on their invitations. What verbage is best if your parents are separated/re-married, widowed? How do you word the copy if we are getting married by a lake vs. a church? If your parents are footing the entire bill or if both families are contributing ... how would you list their names? Is it appropriate to include registry information in the mailed invitation? Stationers are also great at giving you direction with how to format your guests addresses if they have children, unmarried but living together, ect. A good stationer can help you determine how formal or casual your wording should be based on our initial consultation when we discuss the overall feel of your wedding.

Budget. I have several brides-to-be contact me wanting all the bells and whistles for their invitation suite ... designers spend endless hours quoting projects to find out that the bride only budgeted for lest than $2.00 an invitation. Frustration! Yes, we can create invitations for $2.00 ... but it will be a simple single layered card and an envelope. One can’t even make a quick trip to Hallmark to pick up a birthday card for a significant other without spending $3.50.

A pocketfold invitation will start ... at MINIMUM ... $5.50 a piece and just increase from their based on the number of layers, extra cards, paper stock (metallic, patterned, matte, etc) chosen.

I am going to step you through how we determine our costs ...

Time. Most stationers will spend 7-15 hours on your invitation suite designing, proofing, communicating via email or in person, choosing papers, determining desired graphics, revisions, etc.

Elements. As you may know, the bigger your guest list grows, the more your budget will need to grow as well. Same is true for your invitation suite. The more layers and pretty little extras you add ... the more you will spend. Invitations may also include at least one or more enclosures such as a directions card, accommodations card, transportation/parking information and other wedding events (rehearsal dinner, next day brunch). Each piece adds cost to the overall price of the invitation.

Print/Materials. When it comes to printing, there are several factors that will change the cost of the invitation, mainly the type of paper used and the form a printing you so desire.
  • Paper: the finish (matte, glossy, metallic, textured, etc) and the weight/thickness of the paper will affect its cost.
  • Printing: Laser is the most cost effective. If you want something foil stamped, hand written, embossed, letter-pressed or even offset, it will increase the printing fees.
  • Machined Calligraphy: Most brides love this service that Couture Invitations offers. However, a fee is applied for formatting every single guests address along with the cost of printing each individual envelope. Most see this as a great investment since they won't have to spend countless hours hand addresses each envelope and stressing about how their handwriting looks.

Career. Most of us in the design arena have a degree in graphic design from an accredited school. On average ... we will charge a base fee of $50-$200+ per hour for freelance design work. WHY? We went through the schooling, we are educated and have a trained eye for design. We’ve studied many typefaces ... and understand why certain typefaces look better together, why certain size ratios work and how to position objects so they work together on a page, how text will work in conjunction with other graphics or design elements on a page, why certain colors look better next to each other, etc. Not to mention all the costs and fees we pay to be a part of organizations such as Envelopments ... that gives us great resources for some of the most beautiful paper stock around!

Not only will a stationer be able to create the perfect invitaiton suite for your wedding ... we will be able to create so many other elements that will be a part of your wedding day such as table numbers, place cards, thank yous, seating charts, bar signage, programs and much much more.
Here is a quick glimpse at an entire set ... all things coordinating makes my heart skip a beat!

This post was inspired by 4th Leaf Design Studio.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Taryn + Matt - Purple Flourish Inspired

This lovely little bride wanted all things coordinating for her fall wedding. In a previous post, Majestic Purple and Ametrine Inspired, you can see detailed shots of her invitations which is only just a sneak peek! She also wanted bar signage, programs, candy bar signage, candy box labels, and place cards.

Candy Bar Signage with a little note from the bride + groom.

Place cards with purple flourishes to set off the names.

8 page programs with a simple ribbon.

Candy Box Label.

Invitation suite.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Baby Averi - Thank You Card Set

My dear friend Amanda Smith brought Miss Averi into the world August 4, 2010. She is the most adorable little bundle and when I met her the other night I fell in love with her! Ludwig Photography took Averi's newborn pictures and they turned out FABULOUS! Although I didn't do much more to the photos ... I did tweak a few.

Miss Averi's hat was bright pink and I brought it back to a dark plum and added some text in my most favorite font of all times.

The vintage pram shot was one of my favorites! I added a bit of texture and grunge which is always fun to play with. It definitely changes up the look!

We kept little Miss Averi as the main focus and just used a subtle thank you on all. These thank you's make for a great keepsake or photo to place on a fridge or bulletin board. Amanda now has a full card set to send out as she receives gifts over the next few months.

Partnership with Niña and Cecilia - Creative Spark

I am happy to announce that I will be working with the two lovely ladies, Niña and Cecilia at Creative Spark! They have asked me to create multiple save the date options for their clients to choose from after they shoot their engagement pictures. What a fabulous idea of two people in the wedding industry working together! Better yet, we all grew up in the lovely little town of Pella, Iowa.

Their website is chalk full of photographic goodness. These ladies have a definite creative eye when it comes to capturing the moment. I have watched them photograph a wedding and their attention to detail is amazing. Both are shooting from different angles to insure they capture every moment of your day. The are also found on facebook with sneak peeks to ooo and aww over daily!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Vintage Thank You Cards

I may be a little biased because these are my very own thank you's I used for my wedding ... but I do love the simplicity of them. I purchased the rights to my images from my photographer which was a major bonus because it allowed me to use one of the photos and create a thank you card.

I wanted something that my guests could put up on their fridge, or display on a bulletin board somewhere in the house or office. All the while trying to be cost conscious ... I thought that a 5 x 7 postcard style thank you was the perfect option! However, I didn't want it to get all roughed up in the mail ... so I placed it in an envelope to protect it. This also allows for a lot more space for your personal note on the back when it doesn't have to house the address as well.

This worked out great and was able to tie it all together with previous stationary from my wedding day.

Below are two options I used for my thank you ...

The image below merely shows how you can write your personal message on the back of the postcard.

Wedding Goodness by Couture Invitations

Couture Invitations offers a wide variety of services. We specialize in custom invitations, but we also love creating custom pieces for your wedding day as well. Just married signage, back lit calligraphy panels, moss letters, seating charts and more.

Have a vision but not sure how to bring it to life? Contact jordan@couture-invitations and I would be happy to set up an initial consultation with you. Everything you see here has been created by Couture Invitations and would be happy to help create something special for your day!