Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tiffany© Inspired

The pretty blue box wrapped in a perfect white bow seem to have a presence every year. Something about this tiny little package that is just so charming! Rebecca kept it simple with a reply card and invitation.

Rebecca wanted to pull in some sort of design element and we landed on pretty little peonies. Fun little touch to change up the look a bit!

Machined caligrpahy is always a stunning presentation as well.

'Let's Shower Jordan'

Since starting my own little stationary business, Couture Invitations ... I have found myself not only making my own wedding invitations ... but also creating invitations for a shower my lovely aunts are throwing me in a couple weeks down in Pella.

Funny thing is ... I just sent this to my mum a while back saying "this could make for a cute shower invite for someone" ... and before I knew it, my aunt Milli was emailing me telling me they were perfect.

Thanks Milli and Ruth for letting me design my own shower invites!! :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Mon amour - Rhys

Taking a little time out of my morning to stop and thank everyone for their support and love they have given Rhys (my fiance) and I. Rhys is from wales and we got engaged last May. We have been anxiously waiting for his visa to be granted so he could move to the states to be with me. While I have kept up on all my wedding plans and such, I always had this thought in the back of my head 'What if Rhys doesn't get his Visa in time for the wedding?' Daily this thought crossed my mind however, I tried to remain optimistic merely to keep my mum and dad from not going into a mad panic.

We were told the process would take 4 months and it is now nearing the end of April, 10 months later mind you, and today Rhys was granted his visa in London. BIG sigh of relief knowing he will arrive in the states this coming Thursday and I will have my best friend back for life. Prettttty good feeling. :)

Thanks again to all our friends and family who supported us from the start and always kept us in their thoughts and prayers throughout this journey. And the biggest heartfelt thanks to Rhys' family in Wales who is gracious enough to share such an amazing guy with me.

So excited for June 12, 2010!

-- jordan

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Vintage Repousse Gold and Ivory Inspired

Feast your eyes on these!!! Finally the time has come for me to give everyone a little taste of my very own wedding coming up this June. I have an extreme liking to this set for countless reasons.

Being exposed to so many paper sources, design options, and styles made it really tough to make up my mind. I began the whole process by picking out little bits from every wedding magazine and complied my 'wedding goodness book' which housed every little element I could possibly want played out the day of June 12, 2010. Once I had a style set ... the ideas started flowing for my invitations. I wanted vintage, yet classy and clean, golds and ivories. They definitely have set the tone for the big day!

The portable pocket on the inside really helps carry the repousse print through from the front to the inside and correlates well with the invite positioned on the inside right. I had multiple cards to place within the pocket and love how it keeps everything neat and tidy!

Some guests received an additional card with the rehearsal and dinner details. This is a great way to cut out the extra step of sending another invite for the rehearsal at a later date.

As you may have noticed in previous work ... I have an a bit of an obsession with the font used and only wanted to use the gorgeous flourishes as my design elements. Something about the simplicity of typography that never fails me.

I will post table numbers, seating chart, and programs a little later.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Vintage Prints

As mentioned in the post below ... Kerri Hays with Kerri Photography shot my engagement pictures and did a fabulous job!

I am constantly in limbo between between modern and vintage ... i love both looks however I always find myself falling back into the vintage style. Some of my shots that were my favorite had a modern feel and I was stuck because I had found these oh so gorgeous vintage frames from Obrien Schriddle Designs and just had to have a few.

Since my photographs were a little more modern, I pulled in some damask backgrounds into the photographs which helps the transition.

Couture Invitations is happy to help with any photo editing needs you may have to make the perfect statement.