Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wedding Invitation Trends of 2010

The Knot is keeper of all wedding goodness and never fails me when I need fresh ideas. I wanted to pass on a few trends I stumbled across. When it comes to invitations, I am always wanting to know the new trends that brides are after. The Knot has a great little series "Wedding Stationary: New Wedding Stationary Trends for 2010" and is definitely worth a gander! Below are a few of my fave picks.

Custom Illustrations:
Have your stationer, friend, or even co-worker draw up architectural elements, locations, buildings, monuments, dates and details that are important to you and your wedding day. These sketches make stationary so much more personalized and is a great way to display the information regarding your event in a unique fashion.

Ohhh do I love a good pattern. Whether it be vintage, modern, or geometric ... I love each and every one of them! Patterns and their elements are great to carry through all your wedding stationary to create a uniformed look. However, switching up the patterns slightly creates visual interest. I adore this look!

Event Timeline:
A fun little way to express an agenda through pictures and text! I could see using this for for a destination wedding or wedding rehearsal and dinner. This will engage your guests visually but also fill them with every little detail they might need to know for the big day!

Images Courtesy of The Knot.

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