Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Vintage Thank You Cards

I may be a little biased because these are my very own thank you's I used for my wedding ... but I do love the simplicity of them. I purchased the rights to my images from my photographer which was a major bonus because it allowed me to use one of the photos and create a thank you card.

I wanted something that my guests could put up on their fridge, or display on a bulletin board somewhere in the house or office. All the while trying to be cost conscious ... I thought that a 5 x 7 postcard style thank you was the perfect option! However, I didn't want it to get all roughed up in the mail ... so I placed it in an envelope to protect it. This also allows for a lot more space for your personal note on the back when it doesn't have to house the address as well.

This worked out great and was able to tie it all together with previous stationary from my wedding day.

Below are two options I used for my thank you ...

The image below merely shows how you can write your personal message on the back of the postcard.

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Project: Happiness

I had the opportunity this afternoon to get back into my wedding dress after being married for 2 months and have a fun little session with the oh so talented Miss Bekah Garrsion.

First stop, an old and abandoned warehouse ... that had fabulous brick walls and rows and rows of old doors. Felt like we were a part of Monsters, Inc. I don't have all the pictures yet, but will post the door and brick shots soon!

Next, a loading dock that turned out to be my favorite. I just love when brides are photographed in obscure, old, and rustic places.

Final destination, a 'secret' spot as Bekah likes to think ... a pasture with rolling hills in the background and ... a fence post. lol. Miss Garrison caught some gorgeous lighting!

Stay tuned .. hope to post more photos from the shoot soon! More of Bekah's work can be found on facebook ... CLICK HERE to view.