Monday, September 12, 2011

Purple + Damask Inspired Shower Invitations

I am so very lucky to have the Gavin Girls as my client! I get tingles when clients want coordinating stationery ... and the Gavin's wont settle for anything but that! ... and these are just the shower invitations! Can't wait to share the wedding invitations later this year.

Gloria was hosting a 'girls only' shower in the morning for the Bride-to-Be and then wanted to invite the 'men' in the family to a party hosted by the Gavin's in the evening. We wanted to keep everything in a perfect little package so we addressed the main shower invitation to the ladies and then placed and inner envelope addressed to the couple along with the party invite and placed inside the shower envelope.

Machined calligraphy and custom stamps were a great way to tie the entire package together!

Couture also created custom recipe cards that were placed in each envelope for the guests to fill out and bring with the day of. (Of course we had matching recipe card dividers and signage on the box once the guests arrived as well!)

Napkin bands, thank you cards and Bingo cards were also created for the shower.

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