Sunday, May 13, 2012

Baby Shower Invites a la Couture

Designing invitations for your own party may seem like a daunting task as a designer since you are exposed to so many pretty and wonderful things regarding paper, illustrations, prints and the never ending list of pantone colors. I however embraced this task the other day because I was given the option by my Aunt to design my own or let her pick up a box of pre-made invites from Halmark with someone's less than fancy handwriting scribbled in all the blank fields.

If you know me, then you know I like to be in the drivers seat at all times. Step aside Aunt Millie and Ruthie! Jordan is designing her shower invites and you best follow suit in terms of decor for the shower. Pressure is on!

The color inspiration came from Miss Beynon's nursery I am currently decorating. View my Pinterest board for a glimpse into what her nursery will soon resemble. I absolutely love the coral, peach, gray sorbet color palette. Perfect for a mum who doesn't experiment with much color EVER yet girly enough for a pretty little lady come August.

Below is the baby shower invite Couture Invitations designed for Miss Beynon.

Vintage gray chevron with pops of coral and peach adorn this baby shower invite printed on 120# Laid Cover

Machined calligraphy on envelopes to match the stationery inside. We also accented with a fun wrap around return address label!

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