Sunday, June 3, 2012

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As many of you may know, I have grown up around photography ever since I was little. My grandpa was a great photographer back in the film days and he captured so many great memories of me growing up. Not to mention the countless pictures of me in some of my favorite outfits and even the not so hip hairstyles. I have my mum to thank for that. :)

As the photography world started to evolve into digital, he made the decision to retire. Someone best fill his shoes, right? Well ... I'm ready for a new challenge! My husband would tell me I have enough going on already ... but I can't sit still! I work 24/7 and if I'm not busy, I literally make up my own projects to tackle. Perhaps once Baby B arrives I'll find other ways to spend my time ... but until then, I'm the prowl for more!

I have always wanted to be the one behind the lens capturing life's greatest moments. All through high school I photographed any and every opportunity for the yearbook. That meant standing on the sidelines of every varsity football game in the freezing cold, countless basketball games and even traveling to state with the drill team! Throughout college I traveled Europe and continue to frequent there often to visit my husband's family. Each trip lends itself to beautiful scenic views that must be captured. I've also become very accustom to photographing each and every one of my completed invitation suites for Couture. It's safe to say I have dabbled but certainly not perfected this art. There are so many talented photogs in the Des Moines area (many my dear friends) and I can only hope I would be as good as they are someday.

I absolutely LOVE designing custom invitations for my clients and have no intentions of letting this go to the wayside. I love the wedding industry far to much to walk away from that. Besides, starting Couture Invitations has been most rewarding. However, I am in constant need to learn something new and this year I have made it my mission to start perfecting the art of photography. With Baby Beynon on the way, I am determined to capture her moments in life just as others have done for me.

That being said - my main photography focus will be on newborns, children and family. As much as I would love to photograph weddings, I need to be mindful of my full time career at Lessing-Flynn and the business I have built from the ground up, Couture Invitations.

I was at a friends wedding last night and snapped a few pics that I have shared below but I by no means want the pressure to photograph an entire wedding! That's a whole lotta pressure that this momma-to-be can't handle and quite honestly, I really like having my weekends free. :) However, as a guest at their wedding, I simply couldn't resist. The lighting, the barn, the bride and her Scottish groom ... it was all to fabulous not to take a few pictures myself.

Please contact me for session rates. As I work to build my portfolio - you will receive a fabulous discount! I might even just ask to borrow your child for a an hour or two for practice!

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